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Warehouse Management Solution for eComm

Completely Automate Your Order Management, Logistics & Warehouse Processes with Honeywell

Arya VA is a powerful new video analysis solution that revolutionizes data and safety management for multi-location, multi-site companies by providing a safer and more responsible workplace with state-of-the art technology which analyzes, detects and reports trigger events on a real-time basis resulting in lesser accidents as well as safety compliance and regulatory issues. With minimal human intervention, the system ensures an almost 0% error rate

Automated Process Save Time

With Honeywell WMS for eComm, you can increase your operational efficiency with a single software suite that can be used to power the entire flow of your inventory - from purchase order and logistics to stocking, replenishment, shipping and returns.

Save more with SaaS for eComm

The Honeywell WMS for eCommerce is designed to help your business scale, save, and grow. Our Pay-as-per-Usage model helps reduce the cost of your warehouse management. With over 1000 customers and helping businesses fulfil over 1.6 Mn orders a day, it’s time to take your business to the next level with Honeywell WMS for eCommerce.

Stay in Control All The Time

You’re the one who knows what needs to be stocked and when. With our warehouse management solution, you’ll have visibility into all the inventory in your store so you can make informed decisions on what to stock and when. With an easy integration with major marketplaces as well as courier companies, you’re in control of your business.

Scale up your eCommerce business with Honeywell.