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Intelligent Video Surveillance for Hospitals

High-Tech Intelligent Video Surveillance For a Safer Hospital for Staff & Patients

The Arya VA platform, powered by state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning, is transforming the way hospitals solve non-compliance & safety problems. Our video analytics platform analyses video feeds across the entire premises round the clock to derive actionable and quantifiable intelligence. This intelligence enables management to proactively address non-compliance & safety issues and create a safer environment for hospital staff, patient and visitors

Create a safer hospital for patients & staff

Most healthcare institutions identify the need for surveillance but not the right solution to address those needs. With Arya VA and machine-learning based Video Analytics, you can identify and alert for non-compliance of safety norms on a real-time basis and alert relevant authorities about any non-compliance.

No more routine monitoring of premises by hospital staff

Arya VA is a system that reduces the burden of manual efforts by ward staff or administrators to identify non-compliances on hospital premises. With machine learning and AI, Arya VA detects all non-compliances and alerts relevant authorities on real-time basis.

Identify High Risk Individuals without Human Intervention

A safe environment for patients and visitors is of vital importance, but due to human error or misjudgement there might be incidents that can result in infections to spread. Our AI-driven video analytics solution enables hospitals to detect body temperature without human involvement and alerting relevant authorities in case of high body temperature and thus stopping mishappenings.

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