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Integrated Healthcare Platform for Hospitals

Modernize & Digitize Your Hospital with Honeywell's Integrated Healthcare Platform

Safe Steps is a platform that integrates innovative technologies, leading to a better patient experience. Safe Steps uses mobile and real- time data analytics to improve OPD/IPD workflows, lab utilization, pharmacy management and doctor productivity. Safe Steps is an integrated healthcare platform that enables hospitals to deliver a modernized patient experience, reduce costs, and enable higher revenues through a cohesive and automated workflow.

Improve In- Hospital Experience

With the advanced real- time posting system, patients will be notified on directions, queue status, and readiness reports-- so you can focus on what really matters. SafeStep improves your workflow to make everything smoother and faster. Stay up to date on patient status with our automated updates, and never be without the tools you need-- all while boosting your bottom line.

Monitor & Improve Productivity

It's not just about patients, with SafeStep, you can keep your staff updated with the latest information too. From assigning tasks to tracking progress, the system lets you stay in control of every aspect of your workflow. SafeStep uses the advanced Realtime posting system to communicate the location of patients, staff and assets with user dashboards.

Streamline Workflows & Reduce Costs

Improve your hospital’s efficiency and reduce the chances of waiting for an appointment with our real- time posting system. Our platform integrates with your existing HRIS to offer valuable data that could be utilized to streamline workflows, manage hospital staff as well as improve utilization of labs helping your reduce costs while upgrading service.

Create Better In-Patient Experience while Reducing Costs with SafeStep by Honeywell