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IH-2 Desktop Printer

Reliable Printer for Small & Medium Businesses

Compact and reliable, the IH-2 Desktop Printer is a smart solution for light-duty labeling applications.

The IH-2 Printer is made in India product with a slew of modern features which enables growing businesses to improve productivity. It's simple to install and ready to print quickly. Plus, the IH-2 printer is affordable and has capabilities that makes it a smart choice for those looking to deploy thermal label printing for the first time or transitioning away from inkjet.

Get more done with less.

The IH-2 printer is an economical solution for light-duty thermal printing applications. It’s easy to use, quiet, and efficient. With its affordable price and modern features, the IH-2 printer represents a smart solution for the small or medium business looking to improve productivity in label- making operations.

Print More & Save More

The IH-2 printer is a great choice for those looking to deploy thermal label printing for the first time, or for those transitioning away from inkjet. Whether you need a printer with a low cost per print or one that can produce more prints per minute, the IH-2 printer is an ideal choice. With its compact size and intuitive design, it's easy to install and use and at a price that makes it the right choice for MSME's.

Fast, Simple, & Affordable.

IH-2 desktop printer supports thermal transfer/direct thermal printing method. With print speed up to 127 mm/s (5 inch/s) & a max print resolution 203dpi (8 dots/mm). It features two bi-colour status LED displaying status & control key for ease of use with support for ZPL & TSPL.

Print labels fast and easy with the IH-2 Desktop Printer